Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Blogging Monster

Today I got asked to do a presentation on blogging. 

This is very cool and I feel very honored that my teaching partner thought of me, but oh, my. I really haven't been much of a blogger as of late.

As of the last 6 months late. 
I wish I could say that corresponds with some miraculous birthing of multiples, a life-changing trek through Europe, or my Broadway debut opposite Nathan Lane, but it doesn't.  More like mono, moving, and making myself insane trying to keep up with 24 six-year-olds.

Just typing that last sentence made me want to lie down. 

I wish that I could say I have been cooking up a vegan storm, but that's not true either.  My poor Mr. B has been subjected to more bean burritos and spaghetti than Obama has to Fox News conservatives' insults.

Fox News and conservative...that's a bit redundant, don't you think? I digress...

I have managed to squeak a stellar meal or two,

but was obviously to lazy to get them up on the blog, let alone get them in Recipe Monkey for your printing pleasure.  But I figure all my readers are used to that by now.

All three of you...if you're even still out there.  ( I love you, too, mom!)

However, like all good visionaries, I was inspired by an empty run down restaurant I saw tonight as Mr. B, Little B, and I were walking home from a Blues Festival.  How am I ever to open my own restaurant (after Little B gets her full ride to college leaving Mr. B and I with all the piles of cash we saved for her education) if I don't start building, tweaking, and creating my vegan menu now? 

But please don't tell anyone it's all going to be vegan. I'm hoping to keep that a secret.

I'm not sure of what will be on that menu yet, except for these -
Side note: I know the picture is lame and difficult to see, but cookie is the size of the small burner on my stove.

Friends, say hello to The BEST COOKIE YOU WILL EVER EAT.

I think that's what I'm going to call them, too.  Because, you must understand, this is not a lie. And for once, I am actually not employing the literary tool of hyperbole to make this blog marginally entertaining.   (And mostly because Mr. B said 'Hugh Jass Vegan Monsters' was grossly inappropriate.)

I'm still debating on whether to include the recipe for them, though I really doubt that I'll be publishing any cookbooks in the near or very, very distant future for which to save it.  You must understand that there were several batches of botched monstrosities that led to this vegan version of the Monster Cookie, so I'm not quite ready to unleash the recipe for confection ecstacy just yet.  I became a rather devout explorer of egg replacer and baking powder.baking soda combinations to get these cirles of bliss to even stick together.  Trust me, three batches ago, I had several other names for these giant fellas - none of which would win me the pastor's wife of the year award.

But these cookies are SO delish, I know I won't be able to withhold the recipe forever.  Even the batter was extraordinary.

Those may or may not be tracks left by my Julia Child said, "Remember, you are in your kitchen alone."

And unless I get my blogging in gear, I'll be in my blogging presentation alone.  Unless...

Maybe you should sign up for my tech session on blogging.  I think I'll have the recipe to share then...and a cookie to go with it.