Thursday, January 17, 2013


(I'm eating and typing again, seizing whatever free moments I've got!)

Well, the cookie jar is empty.

The last muffin exited yesterday morning for Little B's school snack.  I actually attempted to coerce her into taking cashews to prevent the emptying of the canister, but she asked so sweetly, I couldn't refuse. 

I'm not so sure I'll be able to get it filled tonight either.  I've got callbacks for Into the Woods and need to be there are 5:15-5:30 to make sure everything is ready. 

Last week I was in some sort of 'SUPER HERO MOM' zone and managed to make dinner AND bake a dozen muffins.  I'm not so sure she'll make another appearance tonight.  I've got a feeling that 'SUPER HERO MOM' may make an appearance as often as Haley's Comet. 

My days are busy. Then they bleed into busy nights.

Last night, which happened to be a night off from Into the Woods, I had rehearsal for The Wiz. There were several sick kids and ones that were sick, but showed up anyway.  I am pleased with their work ethic - they really are amazing kids, but I sent them home.  I  can't wait until this horrible wave of winter illnesses passes. It seems to be affecting everyone.

Even as I sit here, Mr. B called to let me know he is feeling worse.  I'm nursing a headache and achiness that I hope is stemming from too much coffee and not enough water. 

Well, my last few minutes of my lunch are coming to a close here. I need to mentally prepare myself for 55 kindergartners.

Hopefully, a 'SUPER HERO' shows up...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Axes and Idiocy

This is currently my favorite line from THE WIZ by William F. Brown:

" day a wicked old witch put a spell on my axe" (page 30).

This is mainly because I think someone put a spell on mine.  I think it was the Wicked Witch of Idiocy. 

Namely, ME.

It's not that I can't say no, or that I like to bite off more than I can chew.  I am typically a traveler of the easy route. It's just that I like to do the things I like to do, so I do them. Or attempt to, anyway.

I'm directing two plays this spring, The Wiz and Into the Woods

Rehearsals for The Wiz started last week and are going well so far.  Mr. B is the musical director.  This is a high school production and the talent pool was deep.  DEEP.  We could have easily cast the show 3 times - with all different people.  We cast 75 kids, the large majority in multiple roles.  Please pray for those kids who have to deal with me everyday.  I can be short on compliments and long on critisism, but it's only because they are so capable.  I really don't think the audience will believe their eyes or ears. I only hope I can do them justice. 

Tonight, I have auditions for Into the Woods.  Sondheim. *sigh*

I think Mr. B and I have been dreaming about doing a Sondheim show since 2002.  I cannot wait for this week's auditions.  Again, I hope I can do it justice. 

So as I sit here during my lunch break, attempting to stab chickpeas with fork without looking, of all things I write a post. 

I write because I haven't in a long time and I too many funny things I should have written about, but should have.  Vegan sausage. Murder mystery parties. Spanx. Working with teenagers.

So along with keeping my cookie jar filled in 2013, I am posting once a week as proof to my family that I am still living and breathing or at least housed in an asylum with wireless access.

Maybe by the end of May my favorite line from Into the Woods will be:

"Oh, if life were made of moments, even now and then a bad one, but if life were made of moments then you'd never know you'd had one."

Yeah, I can't give you an approptiate citation on that sucker cause I've got that bad boy MEMORIZED (see the *sigh* above).

Well, time to get this axe back to work!