Monday, January 14, 2013

Axes and Idiocy

This is currently my favorite line from THE WIZ by William F. Brown:

" day a wicked old witch put a spell on my axe" (page 30).

This is mainly because I think someone put a spell on mine.  I think it was the Wicked Witch of Idiocy. 

Namely, ME.

It's not that I can't say no, or that I like to bite off more than I can chew.  I am typically a traveler of the easy route. It's just that I like to do the things I like to do, so I do them. Or attempt to, anyway.

I'm directing two plays this spring, The Wiz and Into the Woods

Rehearsals for The Wiz started last week and are going well so far.  Mr. B is the musical director.  This is a high school production and the talent pool was deep.  DEEP.  We could have easily cast the show 3 times - with all different people.  We cast 75 kids, the large majority in multiple roles.  Please pray for those kids who have to deal with me everyday.  I can be short on compliments and long on critisism, but it's only because they are so capable.  I really don't think the audience will believe their eyes or ears. I only hope I can do them justice. 

Tonight, I have auditions for Into the Woods.  Sondheim. *sigh*

I think Mr. B and I have been dreaming about doing a Sondheim show since 2002.  I cannot wait for this week's auditions.  Again, I hope I can do it justice. 

So as I sit here during my lunch break, attempting to stab chickpeas with fork without looking, of all things I write a post. 

I write because I haven't in a long time and I too many funny things I should have written about, but should have.  Vegan sausage. Murder mystery parties. Spanx. Working with teenagers.

So along with keeping my cookie jar filled in 2013, I am posting once a week as proof to my family that I am still living and breathing or at least housed in an asylum with wireless access.

Maybe by the end of May my favorite line from Into the Woods will be:

"Oh, if life were made of moments, even now and then a bad one, but if life were made of moments then you'd never know you'd had one."

Yeah, I can't give you an approptiate citation on that sucker cause I've got that bad boy MEMORIZED (see the *sigh* above).

Well, time to get this axe back to work!

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