Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Belated Christmas Note

To our dearest friends and family,

How quickly 2013 has passed and what a year it has been! And although God has blessed us beyond measure, He did not bless me with the ability to get a Christmas card, photo, or tangible letter out in time for the holidays.  This Christmas I am thankful for blogs and social media.

2013 was a very busy and very musical year for our family! Michael and I spent January through March directing The Wiz at Junction City High School and then while Michael accompanied, I directed Into the Woods with Amy Rosine for the Junction City Little Theater.  Our darling Daphne was quite a trooper and went to all the rehearsals with us.  When I had the flu and missed a week of rehearsals for The Wiz, Daphne actually cried because we made her stay home! 

Daphne made her stage debut as Molly in Annie in September.  Turns out the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  She was quite a hoot.  The girl seemed to add a new bit if stage business at each performance.  By the closing show, it's a miracle no one lost an eye the way she whipped those pigtails around!

Green dress, holey leggings and boots!
In May, Michael finished his first year as the Choral Director at Junction City High School.  He loved and is continuing to love every minute of it. He and his chamber choir will be taking a trip in April to New York City where they will see a couple of musicals, an opera, and sing at Carnegie Hall. He also was chosen for a scholarship that earned him a week at Harmony University, a week-long conference for barbershop music education.  He is looking forward to starting a men's chorus in the fall.  

Of course, the biggest news for the Browns in 2013 was this surprise...
We welcomed Shiloh Kimberli to our little family on Thursday, October 3rd.  After so many years of trying and that silly secondary infertility diagnosis, we can hardly believe she is here!  She has brought so much joy to our home and changed our lives so much already!  She is as sweet as can be. Our little wiggle worm loves watching her sister and falling asleep in her Daddy's arms. 
Because of our new addition, I decided to stay home and not return to work this fall.  It was hard to leave the job I always wanted, which happened to be at an amazing place with even more amazing people, but when I hold my little girl, I wouldn't have it any other way.   
The Browns hope and pray your 2014 is full of joy and blessings beyond measure!
With Love,
Michael, Jennifer, Daphne & Shiloh