Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another B: A Quick Update

I had no time to think of something more clever than posting this on facebook.

I'm pregnant. Or so they tell me.
So after six years unexplained infertility, we're counting down to an early October Baby B. 
This girl had taken so many dollar store pregnancy tests, I am sure I fed a third-world family for at least half of the last decade.  Big fat negatives wear on you after a while, but on the first Sunday in February, I didn't see what I was used to seeing. 
So here I am, 34 and pregnant. (Is there an after school special about that?)  And it's NOTHING like the first time.  I felt like a million bucks with Little B.  The extent of my pregnancy particulars was that I couldn't stand the smell of chicken or chocolate.  I napped, I worked out, I spoiled my kindergartners, I fed my husband lots of ground beef. It was perfect. 

Right now I just feel sick and fat. 

It's true for me that 2nd timers bust out a tad more quickly.  I think I've gone through an arsenal of rubber bands trying to keep my pants up.  This is because the ONLY thing I have remaining in my possession from the first time around IS WHAT LITTLE B WORE HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL. 

Apparently, I am not cold-hearted enough to get rid of that, but everything else is looooong gone.

Mr. B did a solid and bought me a boat-load of maternity clothes for my birthday.  I had forgotten what heavenly bliss maternity pants are.  Of course, this is trumped by the fact that although I am porking up, I don't look pregnant enough to be wearing these clothes (see 'sick and fat' above).  I can literally hear the acrid screams of my pant's fibers when I try to wear my regular clothes. 

I am so lucky that I'm in the library this year, and not on my feet in the classroom all day. Not that you can't sit down as a classroom teacher, but I am sure someone (or more likely, someones) would have been barfed on had I not had quick and easy access to a chair. 

Should I talk about constipation and body hair now, too? 

Unnecessary details aside, we are truly ecstatic to add a miracle Baby B to our family.  This time around, we know so many more people in our community and it has been wonderful to share the news with so many who knew of our diagnosis have been praying for us for so long.   

It's going to be an exciting 9 months. Be ready for too much information, lots of complaining, and random and intermittent blog posts.

Here's to Baby B!