About Me

I used to have this big, long, giant explanation of how we became vegans, but we're not 100% anymore, so...

I am a full-time Ph.D student at Kansas State University and I can guarantee you that I have some giant paper/manuscript I should be working on instead of this blog. OR grading. I am fortunate enough to have a graduate teaching assistantship, so I do a lot of grading, too.

My hubby, Mr. B. is a high school vocal music teacher and we have two sweet girls, Little B, who is ten, and Baby B who is two. I use nicknames not to protect their identity, but because I think it is cute.

Our family loves theater and Mr B. and I direct at least one show together a year. We've done eight shows together not including scads of church productions. It's kind of a tiny addiction.

This is the place I avoid when I have time to write and where I flock when I should be writing other things. Procrastination is my favorite art.

And I'm a pro.