Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Barking Mad

I really want to be the person that creates a font specific to *sarcasm.* I would use it and write:

What a fun week!

Courier Bold Italic doesn't really do my brand of sarcasm justice, but settle, I must.

This week...
  • I drove to Children's Mercy to have a doctor ask me why I was there.
  • I heard the specialist tell me the same thing I've heard before.
  • I spent over $85 on Daiya Shreds. (That's the king of alternative cheese, people.)
  • Missed Little B's allergy lab call only to call back and have to wait another day because there weren't any nurses in the office.
  • Saw my own doc for uncontrollable allergy/asthma issues  (hello $169 inhaler, prednisone and 5 extra pounds - curse you 'increased appetite!').
  • Spent half the night awake listening to and trying to care for my barking daughter, who has croup.
  • Spent the other half of the same night with the cha-chas from allergy meds. 
  • Shopped at Big Black Hole Mart.   
Now, I am completely aware that many of you had worse weeks, and I am sorry for that - but I am reserving my right to whine on my blog.  You are more than welcome to go read an article about cows on a factory farm, marginalized workers in India, Lindsey Lohan, or someone else who had a worse week than you.

There were the good parts, too. Like feeding my sick friend a home cooked meal of vegan chili. I'm lucky I have a few peeps who willingly subject themselvs to my culinary experiments.  I also passed off a couple of Cinnamon Roll JB Bars.  Feedback has been good, except for Mr. B, who pushed it back across the kitchen table at breakfast with one bite missing.  Apparently, I better stick to the Peanut Butter Cookie version with him.  However, Little B, after much consideration, shook her head wildly that she loved them.  I am relatively sure she is already tapping into my sensitivities in the kitchen.   

With a smile, though, Mr. B did eat the quarter pound walnut/veggie burger I served him up for lunch. 

I did finally get to speak to the nurse in the allergist's office.  She couldn't give me each result for the celiac blood panel, but did add that Little B is allergic to cats.  I am grateful this doesn't add to the list of what she can't eat.  Although, I think I am the one who is really chiseling down her list on my own. 

The doc Little B saw for the croup episode, suggested we cancel the appointment with the GI.  No, it isn't normal for kids to be constipated, but it is common.  This I agree with heartily. Mr. B thinks I just need to do what I think is best.  When you think about the junk we feed ourselves and our kids, it's a wonder we aren't worse off than we are.  I'm not quite sure that anyone has it completely right, but I am sure we can get there - even if it isn't what others think is right.  Some might think I am barking mad - I guess this makes me a nutritional universalist.  

And that's okay. Especially when you make Calzones for Dinner.

Homemade dough...

Yes, my measuring tools are just as warped as I am.

Loaded up with as much meat alternative and dairy free cheese as I could get my hands on in the middle of Kansas.

I'm just too lazy to type out the recipe...but homemade crust and soy meat galore: bacon, hamburger, and pepperoni. YUM.

Beats an old hot pocket any day.


  1. **Giggle** You have made my 'not-so-good' night after all my friend!! :)

  2. I don't think this farm girl from Western Kansas could ever go vegan, but I am ALWAYS willing to sample your recipes! :-) I did put some turkey brats in jambalaya with brown rice (and I made the sauce myself rather than using my typical box of "jambalaya plus 500 other ingredients that I can't pronounce"---well, actually I can pronounce them, but only because I have a degree in nutrition). And, I am embarrassed to admit that I put your sample JB bar in my fridge for breakfast and forgot about it. I do not know what the shelf life is, so am afraid to eat it. Do you take requests for samples over the blog?