Thursday, February 24, 2011

Going Bananas

Wednesday night...

It's late (according to my old woman watch) and I am still awake. This would not be surprising if I were baking or watching Netflix. I am doing neither.  I am attempting to control an anxiety attack. 

I am an emetophobe: I suffer from a debilitating fear of vomiting - more precisely related to the flu. 

Now, I know no one likes it, but I almost lost it just typing the word.

Little B got sick at church, poor kid, and now her Mama's freakin out! See, usually darling Mr. B. is around to soothe my nerves, help Little B, stay home with her so I don't miss work and be a genuine daddy/hubby/nurse/rock star.  But since superdad is in Louisville at the M11 Conference,  I had to take the day off.  I realize M11 sounds like something for spies, especially when you find out my husband's boss is James Bond, but its really just a missions conference for pastors.  Missions as in carrying out the Jesus' message to all, not as in secret operatives.  We're still the boring, poor, lame-o folks were always were...or are we?

Fast forward to today...

Needless to say, I am flying solo and in these particular circumstances, coping okay. Little B didn't get sick today and has kept down what limited food I've allowed her. This hasn't kept my tenacious little bee from requesting a rice milk chocolate bar, peanut butter and cheese on toast, or cashews.  I brought this on myself by being in the kitchen planning something nice ready for Mr. B when he got home tonight.  Alas, he is stuck in some Comfort Inn several hours away and won't be home until tomorrow. Boo bad weather...or top secret mission? Your guess is as good as mine. 

I always feel bad for my sick kiddo, even more so when she isn't going to get to see her daddy as planned.  I had to figure out what I could give her that would seem like a treat, but not deviate from the BRAT diet.


Yes, you read correctly and, no I'm not compromising my vegan kitchen. 

You see, there was a very black banana, which had been sitting on the counter for longer than I care to admit.  It needed to be dealt with and I was too lazy to bake banana bread, considering I was already baking a rustic Italian loaf that wasn't going to get eaten.  Two uneaten loaves would just make me crabby.

Then it hit me - pawn it off on Little B, who absolutely loves bananas!

Vegan Banana Soft Serve 
1 very ripe banana
1/4 t. vanilla
1/2 t. agave nectar

Break one banana into smaller pieces.  Add vanilla and agave nectar.  Place in a freezer-safe bowl, cover and freeze at least 2 hours or overnight.  Then, placing the ingredients in a food processor or using an immersion blender, blend the mixture until smooth.  Serve alone or with whatever toppings float your boat.

Yes, this is the most simple recipe ever.  And yes, you don't even need the vanilla or agave nectar to be totally wowed.  AH-MAZING.

Little B wolfed it down and it stayed down.  I licked the bowl.  I am not ashamed.

Not ashamed, but I am starting to freak out again.  As we sit here I can hear Little B's belly rumble and make bizarro noises.  Hopefully it's from the fact I've practically starved her today and not because her stomach is ready to revolt again.   

I hope not, or I'll be one very crazy banana.


  1. Ok I am a fruit addict...what is agave nectar?

  2. Agave is a honey-like substance from a cactus. It is supposed to have minimal affect on blood sugar - good for diabetics. It is really good. I put it on Little B's peanut butter sandwiches...and mine, too!

  3. Hi Jennifer! It's Rachael Field, Aidan's Mom :)

    I had tea with Jennifer Kirkpatrick last week and we got to talking about my ventures into vegan / vegetarian life and she mentioned your blog. She shared it with me and I just love it! I have been vegetarian for almost a year, still eating cheese / eggs, but have just recently decided I want to quit all animal products so I am reading lots of books on vegan cooking / lifestyle. I first got interested in it after watching Food, Inc. and then I bought a book by Dr. Esselstyn who has done research on reversing heart disease with a plant based diet. I watched an interview with Ellen Degeneres and her journey to a complete vegan diet and she talked about the movie "Earthlings" and that was it for me. That movie forever changed my borderline obsession with animal products. I am done. It started out as a way to improve my health and now I feel it is also about compassionate living. I look forward to reading your blog and getting some tips from you! :) Good to know there are vegans in JC!!!

  4. P.S.
    You can delete my earlier to the blogger world, did not realize others could see what I typed. Kind of put real names in that one.
    Sorry. :/