Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankfulness: Vegan Xpress

Can you all say TGIF? Amen, Hallelujah! I am doing my Friday dance right now. 
Can you say, "Double Dream Hands?"

That just never gets old. 

I usually cook on Friday nights, but our friends, the Hamms, asked us out for dinner.  We love the Hamms and we love to eat, so off we went to...

It isn't the restaurant I am most thankful for, but seeing as I was about ready to chew my arm off from hunger - it fit the bill tonight. 

What I am actually thankful for isn't a recipe at all; it's an app on our iPod called Vegan Xpress.

Eating out can be frustrating, difficult, annoying and nearly impossible. Did I mention frustrating? And we aren't even the most particular kind of vegans. 

With a quick tap on Olive Garden, we could see the animal-free items that they have on their menu. This little app is especially useful when traveling to Ohio to visit family.  It helped us decide to starve a little longer because the only thing we could eat at Long John Silvers was a rubbery corn cobbette. Mmmm...tasty.

Vegan Xpress doesn't just include restaurants, but food, beer and wine lists.  The food list is much more helpful than you could imagine.  Did you know that only Willy Wonka Smarties are vegan? Who knew?

The Vegan Xpress app knew!

So tonight, with my vegan belly full of vegan goodness from Olive Garden, I am super thankful for this handy little app. 

It may be a stretch, but I am guessing that you aren't super thankful for this lame-o post. But look at the bright side - you got to watch Double Dream Hands. I also shared that I actually do a Happy Friday Dance.  My butterfly and freestyle are as exceptional as the Vegan Xpress app.  

I hope your Friday has been as exceptional as mine.
Two pats. Shoulder. Double dream hands!

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